I have a background in Millinery and accessories design having studied and worked as a Milliner in London for 5 years.

My pieces are made using self developed skills and processes born from a love of making. All of my items are made to the highest quality using natural and re-purposed textiles, materials and hand-dyeing techniques, which allows the pieces to age more beautifully, this also means that no two of my items will ever be the same.

My aesthetic is almost always influenced by nature and when I’m not making, I’m usually pottering in the garden, painting, admiring botanical art, or out on a walk with my dogs – collecting pieces of nature which will inevitably cover the kitchen bench, much to the annoyance of my partner!

I hope my ┬ápieces will become family heirlooms, and tomorrow’s vintage – to be kept, passed on and treasured.

All Bianca Snow items are handmade in Melbourne, Australia.