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ballet muse.

I just fell in love with this editorial in the April issue of China vogue. The muted palette and ballet styling is definitely a look I have always loved but never tried until recently. I’m looking forward to layering in more pieces like this into my winter wardrobe. It will make winter so much more bearable!

For most of my life I have always picked out strong colours like primary red, emerald and black but now I can’t get enough of ivory, buff and blush tones. Hmmm….. I just looked over at my little Polly dog and realised that these are her colourings….Actually it was only the other day, I was walking Polly wearing my new fawn coloured leggings with white socks and sneakers and suddenly thought could I have subconsciously dressed to match her…(only she has been wearing that outfit from the day she was born!)…. I guess the saying about dogs and their owners might be true! I’ll stop writing now! Enjoy the pics : )


  1. :-) :-)
    So enjoyed this post Bianca!
    I am loving these colors for spring also. A wonderfully welcome change from my winter color palette.

  2. Gorgeous colours, gorgeous clothes and gorgeous ideas for winter dressing bianca. Yes I agree, polly has the most beautiful coloured coat.

  3. Hi Bianca, loved your gorgeous pics however l’d be a bit concerned about the ability of these models to endure a stiff wind haha!! You make Winter dressing almost sound like fun.

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