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Today I attempted to de-clutter my desk rather unsuccessfully…  Plus a sneak peak at my linen bud sprig and mixed metal diamonds necklace.

I bought this fig soap from a beautiful shop called lavender, lace and living in the picture perfect town of Maldon.  If only scratch and sniff monitors had been invented because this is the best smelling soap in the world! Actually I bought one for my mum at christmas and loved it so much that I just had to buy one for myself.  Soap is back to smelling good on the corner of my desk again.

Another item I bought from an equally beautiful store in Maldon.  How could I resist this elegant little greyhound especially as I was missing my little Polly so much while holidaying in country Victoria. Little dog now sitting elegantly back on the desk!

A beautiful cut of Amethyst my Nanna gave to me.  This needs to stay on my desk a little while longer…

Cotton, ribbons and garland also back on desk again.  Hopeful my next attempt at clearing my desk is a little more successful!


  1. What beautiful things… I can understand you not wanting to move any of them! Maldon is one of my favourite towns to visit and thankyou, you have reminded me to visit there again soon.
    I love all the different colours together, your styling and it’s really lovely to view your pretty treasures and the things that have meaning to you.
    Gosh, your linen bud spring is divine… you are so clever!

  2. The bud sprig is beautiful!! Your collection of clutter is so nice, it does create good inspiration. Loving your Polly statue.

  3. I’ve been trying to clean my desk/work area for months, so I really need to get serious about it soon!
    I absolutely love your bud sprig.
    Just gorgeous!

  4. your photos are so lovely! it’s hard to clear a desk which is full of inspiration!!

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