seed pod pattern © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

febuary. after the storm.

When I was a young teen (about 15 years ago!) I read “the private life of plants”. I never looked at plants the same way after that book and developed a little fascination with seed pods. I love the different shapes and colours and the long and intricate journey of a seed to tree. I also love how much a seed will transform from the beginning when a flower is fertilized till they’re all dried out and ready to burst or float away at the end (and new beginning) of their cycle. I collected all of these seed pods on a short walk around the block. We had a bad storm last weekend so there were broken branches all over the neighbourhood for me to discover.

If anyone can identify them, please feel free to let me know in my comments.


  1. You know, people would have walked on and past these items without even noticing them and then someone like you bianca comes along who appreciates them in all their beauty. They look so stunning – Such lovely photos, I love the pod close up. I really enjoyed hearing about their journey from flower to seed too. So sorry though, as familiar as they look, I am at a loss to identify any of them!

  2. The third one here is just amazing!
    LOVE it!
    As always, so nicely done!

  3. Pat

    Lovely photos! Your work shows that the simplest things are indeed beautiful when one takes a closer look!

  4. Botanica! Amazing shots of such simple little things.

  5. Judie

    I recognize things from maple trees in #3 (hate to call them seeds but I think that’s what they are. They spin down like helicopters) but on the rest I’d be guessing. Do you have Sweet Gum trees? The balls might come from there. I’ll bet that if you go to that you would have lots of help. There are lots of forums to choose from with knowledgeable people on them. Let us know the answers please. They look beautiful against the plain background.

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