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garden twenty thirteen.

Our first year growing veggies was encouraging. We grew parsnips, sugar snaps, garlic, broad beans, lots of parsley and rocket, lemon grass which is not ready to eat but thriving,  and all in pots and a raised bed.  We chose to plant this way as we have very solid clay soil, and we are renting so we’d love to take all that lovely soil we made with us to our next house.  I was also so happy to eat about 5 blueberries off our young plant before the birds and possums snatched them and to watch our Icelandic poppies and chamomile finally bloom after some repositioning.   Now waiting for our sapphire potatoes, three varieties of heirloom tomatoes and zucchini to hurry up and be ready!!

Home grown parsnips



home grown garlic


thinning out the sugar snaps

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  1. Marthes

    The harvest looks wonderful!! The photo of the sugar snaps would look great in the kitchen.

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