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This week I finished reading “The Paper Garden” by Molly Peacock.  It became a little morning ritual, moving a chair into a sunny spot by our bedroom window, making a cup of tea and reading a chapter of Mary Granville Pendarves Delanys’  life, and yes with a name like that you can expect nothing short of an incredible life.

This post  has come so long after the previous because I was stuck. I was so stuck on a post that I sadly preferred to spend my time sorting out the thousands of beads, stamens and petals covering my desk for my move in late Febuary. This is surely a job x1000 more unappealing than a simple little blog entry… Anyway having finished the book I looked out my window at my neglected geranium window box and had a little flash of inspiration – perhaps not the inspiration that the scarlet geranium petal gave to Mary Delany, leading to her epic life’s work, but enough to inspire this post and for me to write over 200 words!! ( I’m not fond of writing)

I will never look at the humble geranium simply as an easy to grow plant that you can grow from sneaky snips around your neighbourhood, but instead as a reminder to keep on doing what I love, knowing that maybe all the little skills I have learnt and practice will one day amount to something…..   It sounded much better in my head… think it’s time for sleep!  But seriously how lucky are we to live on this earth with millions of flowers?


Illustration of climbing geranium I drew in 2011.

Mary Delanys’ paper cut geraniums (mosaiks). The first of her 985 works in 1772 at age 72. (images from the British Museum website)

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  1. Bianca, your morning ritual of sitting in a sunny spot reading a chapter of book sounds very similar to mine. It’s sheer bliss!
    Inspiration is such a wonderful emotion … I am forever searching for
    that euphoric feeling.
    I too, feel grateful to be living on this beautiful earth with all it’s flowers.
    Your geranium illustration is lovely.
    I really enjoyed this post.

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