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Home grown parsnips © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

garden twenty thirteen.

Our first year growing veggies was encouraging. We grew parsnips, sugar snaps, garlic, broad beans, lots of parsley and rocket, lemon grass which is not ready to eat but thriving,  and all in pots and a raised bed.  We chose … Continue reading

dried leaves 1 © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

leaf study.

The leaves in these photo’s escaped the green bin this week and are now laying prettily till next collection. They will most likely be mulched by the council but at least I have some photos and can share their beautiful … Continue reading

pressed geranium © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.


This week I finished reading “The Paper Garden” by Molly Peacock.  It became a little morning ritual, moving a chair into a sunny spot by our bedroom window, making a cup of tea and reading a chapter of Mary Granville … Continue reading