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dried leaves 1 © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

leaf study.

The leaves in these photo’s escaped the green bin this week and are now laying prettily till next collection. They will most likely be mulched by the council but at least I have some photos and can share their beautiful … Continue reading

pressed geranium © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.


This week I finished reading “The Paper Garden” by Molly Peacock.  It became a little morning ritual, moving a chair into a sunny spot by our bedroom window, making a cup of tea and reading a chapter of Mary Granville … Continue reading

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bird scraps.

The last few days have been so lovely in Melbourne, with lots of sunshine spiked with spring warmth. Thank-you mother nature for giving us a little mid-winter break, definitely made my sniffles feel not so bad : )     … Continue reading

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  Over the past two weeks I have had cerise hands, tangerine hands, lilac hands,  scarlet hands and many other unhealthy shades of skin. Our kitchen has been looking a little like a science lab with bowls of brightly coloured … Continue reading

fig soap small © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.


Today I attempted to de-clutter my desk rather unsuccessfully…  Plus a sneak peak at my linen bud sprig and mixed metal diamonds necklace. I bought this fig soap from a beautiful shop called lavender, lace and living in the picture perfect … Continue reading

ann he © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

sun cult.

Okay, so I am still daydreaming about warmer days…. If I was going to join a cult, this would definitely be the one I would join, complete with flowers in hair, floating cotton dresses and frilly knickers!! These dream like … Continue reading

brass beads small © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

work in progress.

I have been a very bad blogger this month, but I have been making it up by working hard on a new jewellery collection. I have felt so inspired lately to revisit jewellery having focused on millinery for the past … Continue reading

Arizona ballet © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

ballet muse.

I just fell in love with this editorial in the April issue of China vogue. The muted palette and ballet styling is definitely a look I have always loved but never tried until recently. I’m looking forward to layering in … Continue reading