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leafy green.


I have spent the last few weeks sorting, packing, painting and cleaning and tidying and cleaning and tidying again as we prepare to move. Although it’s not as big a move as our last  (London to Melbourne), it’s a big move as we make the leap from inner city apartment living to the leafy outer suburbs.  I’m looking forward to early morning cups of tea in my garden… in my pyjamas… whilst throwing the ball for Polly… and picking some fresh tomatoes and eggs to have on toast for breaky…which I can then eat in the garden!   Well at least that’s how I am imagining it anyway!  It’s certainly going to bring a lot of new experiences like having to learn how to drive and how to start a lawn mower…  and what a luxury it will be to not have to share walls, floors and ceilings with anybody. I could do star jumps at midnight if I wanted to!!  Anyway these are just a few of  the thoughts helping me get through another open inspection.


A photo I took of some dried up fig leaves I picked from somebody else’s garden!

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  1. Marthes

    I can just picture all of that Bianca!!

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