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pink orchids.

I finished work on my orchids order this week.   I’m quite happy to have claimed back the apartment from the little invading aliens, as Sean likes to call them.  The most fun part of the process was definitely packing them safely into their little cells.  Made me feel like a bee storing away honey for the winter. The worst part of the process was leaning on one of my red hot tools and burning my arm which I have been nursing with lavender oil and lots of paw paw ointment.  I managed get some photos of some of them before they left.

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year.

bye bye orchids : )





  1. Marthes

    oohh wow Bianca they look amazing! Well done, what a great achievement.

  2. Pamela Joy Fuge


    The orchids are absolutely beautiful – magic colour. I remember you said you made 400 of them. Can I ask what they were going to be used for.

  3. Oh Bianca, they look so beautiful! I love the colour and the intricate design. You are so clever!
    x michelle

  4. Bianca! These are magnificent! What an amazing effort you put in to achieve this, you should be very proud of yourself. Will and I were just saying that it would take serious patience… Something neither of us have :)

    Can’t wait to see them around!

    xo, L.

  5. Pamela Joy Fuge


    Thanks for letting me know. I think you are absolutely amazing to have made so many – lots of patience, passion for making the flowers, determination and dedication.
    I am somewhat in awe of such an accomplishment. :-)

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