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quilt one.

As this is a very belated first post for the year, I thought I would share another first. My first quilt! Made for the exciting arrival of a close friend’s first baby due this month.

Making a quilt was one of the things on my very long lists of handmade projects I would love to try, I just needed a really good reason to begin so it didn’t end up in the unfinished projects pile.  I loved making it from the very beginnings of collecting inspiration and drawing my design.  Picking out colours is always a fun part especially as I love the names/words given to colours. This quilt is made of cactus, flesh, oyster, dove, aloe and orchid. Perhaps my love of plants may have unconsciously influenced my final colour selection!

I think that my internal quilt switch may have flicked on as I already can’t stop thinking about what to do for the next one…

cot quilt





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