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raised by others.

Just a quick post to introduce you to some amazing illustrations by Sean of Raised by others, AKA my boyfriend and Polly’s other slave!!  Unfortunately he doesn’t use this amazing skill enough…  I will definitely be posting more of his work in the future (if he lets me!) so here is a little taster.


  1. Really wonderful illustrations Bianca!

  2. These are divine. What a talented man you have snagged!

    xo, Lisa.

  3. The illustrations are fabulous – love the girl with the glasses. You should definitely reveal more of Sean’s work.

  4. Mira

    Wow! Amazing! The one at the top reminds me of Marina Williams.

    I miss you guys so much! Love your blog and Raised By Others! xx

  5. Jenny

    Very nice , enjoying your blog.
    Well done Bianca!

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