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raspberry and coconut.

I had such a nice start to spring this weekend, baking bread (burning bread!), making a batch of raspberry and coconut ice-cream, having a nice long Sunday lunch with family and catching up with more family via skype.  I thought it would be nice to photograph the ice-cream I made this weekend as a reminder for me make it again.  It was so simple and also dairy free and best of all it was yummmm!  I love how the little pieces of raspberries look like ruby cabochons.

My assistant Polly decided that she also needed to have a taste, taking a cheeky little mid shoot lick. You definitely can’t trust those furry assistants around a food shoot.


3 cups frozen raspberries. 550ml chilled coconut cream. 1-2 teaspoons vanilla sugar. 150g sugarfree dalfour strawberry jam. 50ml vanilla soy. furry helper optional.. but not recommended

blend all ingredients except for 1 cup of frozen raspberries. chill mix in fridge till nice and cold and then beat with electric mixer for about 2 minutes. pour into ice-cream machine for 25 mins.  blend remaining raspberries and then roughly mix through when transferring ice-cream into container. freeze in freezer for about two hours before serving.




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