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Linen floral crown © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

two hundred petals.

Eleven hand shaped linen flowers and approximately 200 petals make up this floral crown… An order I made for a bride a little while ago that I have been meaning to share.  Still one of my favourite pieces… and favourite … Continue reading

brass beads small © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

work in progress.

I have been a very bad blogger this month, but I have been making it up by working hard on a new jewellery collection. I have felt so inspired lately to revisit jewellery having focused on millinery for the past … Continue reading

daisy process © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

palest blue flowers.

Some process photos of hand dyed cotton flowers I made over the long weekend for an order. I absolutely love mixing dyes as I seem to get so lost in watching all the little sprinkles of colours dissolve like tiny … Continue reading

french cotton garland2 small © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

french cotton garland.

Here are some progress shots of the latest garland/bunting I’m working on for my shop. I am using some old french cotton napkins and I have enough to just about make five garlands. Some of the napkins had food stains … Continue reading

hankerchief garland 1 small © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

handkerchief garland.

Inspired by all the fresh green pods I found last week, I decided that I wanted to make some thing green for the apartment, so I made a little garland with some vintage printed hankies I found at my local … Continue reading

twiggy tree © 2010 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

twiggy tree and hydrangeas.

I made this little tree as a table center piece with sticks I had been collecting whilst out walking Polly and some cotton twine, she helped me carry the sticks home which made me look less weird and made look … Continue reading

fungus © 2010 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

simple wreath.

Last weekend I went to my local farmers market and bought a few stems of Leucospermum and made this wreath for christmas with the leaves I stripped off the stems. The leaves have dried now but it still looks pretty … Continue reading

Linen Sweet Peas © 2010 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

linen sweet peas.

So I finally have some pictures of my Sweet peas.. I still need to make the tendrils but we had such beautiful sun light beaming through the kitchen window this afternoon I just had to take some photos. I have … Continue reading

3 linen flowers © 2010 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

linen peony.

This week has been such a perfect week filled with flowers, play dates for my pup, scones and jam, drawing and markets. I had my first botanical illustration class, it was so lovely and peaceful and I am quite excited … Continue reading