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sprig of parsley © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

a sprig of parsley.

Fresh parsley is one of my favourite herbs,  I especially love the smell when cutting through a bunch of crispy fresh stems.  Actually the smell always reminds me of when I was little and Nanna would get me to help … Continue reading

dried leaves 1 © 2013 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

leaf study.

The leaves in these photo’s escaped the green bin this week and are now laying prettily till next collection. They will most likely be mulched by the council but at least I have some photos and can share their beautiful … Continue reading

silver branch © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

silvery leaves.

Just finished watching the “how to grow a planet” series.  Leaves really are amazing… It’s a shame that flowers get all the attention although I suppose they did evolve to do just that.  I have been working with the often … Continue reading

wreath © 2012 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

linen leaves wreath.

A piece I finished last week as a special request. This piece is made with hand tinted and scored linen leaves wrapped around a formed vine alice band, which ties at the back with a floppy silk pale gold bow. … Continue reading

dried leaves and seed capsules © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

collection two. Launceston.

Another trickle of pictures from my trip to Tasmania. I collected these dried leaves and seed capsules in Launceston, on our way to Scamander. I really love the colours of the three leaves in the middle. I hope to use … Continue reading

My first botanical illustration © 2011 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

first Illustration.

You may know that back in November I was taking some botanical illustration classes… I absolutely loved doing it and I hope to squeeze some more classes in this year. For this illustration the exercise was to learn to stipple. … Continue reading

fungus © 2010 pollymonster. All rights reserved.

simple wreath.

Last weekend I went to my local farmers market and bought a few stems of Leucospermum and made this wreath for christmas with the leaves I stripped off the stems. The leaves have dried now but it still looks pretty … Continue reading