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tiny garden.

I love the tiny details of this plant going to seed. It has so many pretty stages. I am calling it this plant because as usual I have no idea what it is!

Last weekend I went to visit my Nanna and started sorting through all of my belongings I had been storing there for the past 6 -15 years while I was living in London and various share houses. I was so excited to be re-united with my rocks I collected as a kid, hence the rock photo. (yes I was one of those kids!) (and yes, I will be subjecting you to some photos of them at a later stage) ; )
It was a lot less exciting to see some the awful clothes I wore as a teenager! and even worse Sean saw them too and had a good laugh about my neon lycra raver stage! and to make things 10 times worse there were photos of me wearing them. Thank goodness it was a very brief stage of my life!


  1. Bianca I really love looking at these plants, seeds and rocks – the colours and textures are so beautiful – bring on the rocks I say! and don’t worry, for us girls have a very high appreciation of the fashion trends of yesteryear.

  2. As always, such wonderful compositions and photographs Bianca!

  3. Gorgeous :) x Love to Sean on his Birthday! Can you message me your postal address?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange this week Bianca!
    Have a wonderful day.


  5. Pat

    Lovely photos of these natural objects.

  6. Laurie

    I love your compositions. So simple and lovely.

  7. Lovely compositions. BTW, love your new outfit!

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