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variegated nasturtium.

I grew these colours from little brown seeds pushed into brown earth.  I have progressed from being a windowsill gardener to an actual backyard gardener for 4 months now and I’m not sure that I could go back to a gardenless life. There is nothing more wonderful than waking in the morning to see that the seeds I had planted a week or two ago are  now tiny flecks of new green shoots pushing their way through the earth into the sunshine.

Every day my nasturtium leaves make different colours and patterns which has inspired me to change the colours of my work from my neutral palette of greys to my new colour love of greens and yellows which I seem to be using a fair bit lately.  Apparently I like to photograph leaves this year….

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  1. Marthes

    I love your new colours. I would say that the entire green palette would be favourite too. These photos are beautiful!!

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